2019::Vorspiel::The First to Blink::Oops!404

Artists and curators in residency Marianne Tuckman and Marcelo Schmittner (in collaboration with Transmediale and CTM) present 2 projects on behalf of Liebig12 as part of the Vorspiel 2019 program.

The first performance will open Vorspiel festival on the 18.01 at ACUD MACHT NEU.

Titled “The First to Blink“, 13 individuals share one body. Their faces are masked with your reflection. Throughout the night this will move through ACUD. Try to meet them. Try a real encounter.

The second project titled “Oops!404” will happen at Liebig12 starting on the 22.01.

Liebig12 will be transformed into a metaphor for the busyness of the digital and internet era. You are invited to step into a multi foci, overloaded space in which content is shot simultaneously from every source, creating a charged cloud in which material buzzes. The rhythm is relentless and without pause. Within this storm the data competes for your attention, navigate your own way through.

The interdisciplinary installation spans 3 hours, using a variety of mixed media: performers (of the human and machine variety) and audio visual happenings. Existing material from the following artists (with more tbc) will be composed into a new context for the purpose of this event:

Camila Ayala, Hélène Belaunde, Helen Burg, Victoria de la Parra, Carlo Deperu, Cruna Encarnação, JaZoN Ex, Dimitris Gkikas, Marco Gonzales, Audrey Kadjar, Gotautė Kalmatavičiūtė, Andriana Kmetyk, Linhui Li, Ula Liagaitė, Gülce Maşrabacı, Camilo Matado, Yelena Myshko, Lee Nutbean, Francisco Petrucci, Masha Reshetova, Benyi Sabanya, Nicolas San Martin, Marcelo Schmittner, Eduardo Taborda, Marios Thilykos, Darta Treimane , Loukas Troll, Marianne Tuckman, Zhelda and XHortansia featuring Green Cru

– Dates: 22nd. January – 2nd February – 3rd February (FINAL DAY)

For the final day of Liebig12’s participation in Vorspiel 2019, we invite you to explore the remains of the installation the morning after. The server has been disconnected, the performers have all gone home but the space has been stained by last night’s actions.