Residency::Marianne Tuckman::Marcelo Schmittner::Darta Treimane::Noi Ansamble


Marianne Tuckman, Marcelo Schmittner, Darta Treimane & Noi Ansamble are emerging performer artists, cultural activists and researchers in residency at Liebig12 for the years 2019/2020, ending on May 2020.

Their first performance “The First to Blink” opened the Vorspiel Festival (promoted by Transmediale and CTM Festival) on the 18.01.2019 at ACUD MACHT NEU in Berlin.

With Oops!404, RATs Experimentation Lab, Fck the Fckersthey started a series of open studios encouraging collaborative projects casting exhibitions, workshops & community exchange programs as with Poodle Bar & related Ponderosa community,  No More Miserable Monday Mornings reading group, Acker Stadt Palast among others.


RATs Experimentation Lab is a workshop_project initiated by Marianne Tuckman, born out of the necessity to build a platform for sharing each other’s practice, testing out ideas & research, developing teaching skills, acknowledge each other’s working experience and create opportunities for each other. Performers from all disciplines are welcome to join these sessions where we take it in turns to share our practice with each other.


Fck the Fckers, is a series of encounters, performative talks & solidarity oriented initiatives on urgent political issues and current uprising movements.


Further activities & dates will be announced under the program.