Marie Takahashi::William “Bilwa” Costa::Yuka Takahashi


Marie Takahashi viola (JP/DE)
William “Bilwa” Costa electronics (US/DE)
Yuka Takahashi dance/performance (JP/US)

3-1-2 is the electro-acoustic duo of violist Marie Takahashi and William “Bilwa” Costa, electronics. The duo met in Berlin, and again in Tokyo, where they made their debut as a duo.

In October 2018, they met at Liebig 12, in Berlin, where they each brought scores to be performed by the duo. Based on numbers, letters, and/or tasks, these scores compose an overall structure, leaving the sound and/or musical quality to be be determined by
the individual performers; who come from very different musical backgrounds.

Audio samples:

During this event 3-1-2 will perform two works as a duo, as well as a special trio performance with dancer Yuka Takahashi.

About the artists:

Marie Takahashi, modern and baroque violist, improviser was born in Sapporo, Japan, in 1985. After her studies and career as a classical musician in Japan and in Europe she moved to Berlin in 2016. Inspired by this city she started more original and creative activities such as improvisations, collaborations with different kinds of artists and performing new arrangements of baroque pieces.

In 2018 she started experimental composition using calligraphy techniques , colors, shapes and numbers . Her debut as a composer with Reanimation Quartet had a big success. Having baroque music as her base she builds vivid contrast of minimal , abstract and emotional sounds on it. |

WilliamBilwa Costa is an artist who works in the performing, sound, and visual arts contexts. His work includes: performance, installation, experimental / electro-acoustic music, sound art, field recordings, real-time composition, graphic scores and conceptual
structures for sound and movement. Collaboration with other artists is essential to his work.

He works internationally, generating research, labs, workshops, and performance projects, actively cultivating opportunities for artists to work together on new interdisciplinary experiments. Currently based in Berlin, Bilwa has performed, led workshops, and has
lectured in N. America, UK, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Yuka Takahashi is a Japanese dancer, performer, and choreographer currently based in Boston after being based in NYC and Vienna, Austria. She actively engages in the field of dance, performance art and experimental performance. Her original works and performances were presented in Europe, Japan and the United States in such venues as “100 Years version #4” organized by MoMA PS1 in collaboration with Performa, Judson Church (US), Siggraph (JP), Wuk (AT), Grunthaler9 (GE) among others.

After she received professional dance training at Joffrey Ballet School, she extended her interest and training in experimental dance and performance art in NYC and Europe. In 2006, she moved to Vienna, Austria. There, she received residency with full production support for 2years by the experimental performance platform, LABfactory under the direction of Thomas J. Jelinek and Kazuko Kurosaki. She also received a residency at D.I.D under the direction of Liz King. Since Vienna, she has been strongly engaged with artists of other disciplines and she has been expanding the use of alternate media in her performances.

Since moving to Boston in 2011, she has presented her own works at Mobius, Boston Center for the Arts, Boston University, Movement Research (NYC), the Y Theater at YMCA and OBERON as well as collaborated with local and international artists and dance companies. She produced the experimental performance events ‘Living Space’ at OBERON (2012), ‘Test Kitchen’ at Cambridge Y (2014) and curated <3Artrage (2015). In 2014, she was invited to become a member of Boston’s leading experimental artist collective, Mobius. Most recently she received Residency at Workspace Brussels (BE).