TERRA IGNOTA – SONIC ISLANDS :: Mirrored perceptions between Tierra del Fuego + Rügen

25.02.–18.03.(Tierra del Feugo/Chile)  and  06.–19.09. 2023 (Rügen/Germany)

19.9.2023 _16:00 – 22:00 @ liebig12_Berlin

Every method is a language and reality answers in the language in which it is asked.

(Boaventura de Sousa Santos, 2009) 

TERRA IGNOTA was initiated in 2015 by and for a dynamic group of Chilean and international artists, scientists, curators and producers as a recurrent nomadic lab in Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego. Terra Ignota is informed by archeology, (colonial) history, (indigenous) practices, nature and climate of the region and is aiming to connect that to urgent global questions.

SONIC ISLANDS focuses on the various auditory aspects of TERRA IGNOTA. The research process will be conducted in Tierra del Fuego and on the geographically and culturally mirrored island of Rügen – both regions lie exactly on the same latitude (54°36’20.5 “S / 54°36’20.5 “N). The results are presented on the opposite sides in the different local contexts – literally drawing a straight connecting line through the globe. 

We are interested in the meaning of sound as a semantic system and as a form of artistic articulation. Questions about origin, identity, intercultural understanding but also about perception, legibility and interaction with the environment, social processes and structures beyond visually connoted reference systems are the subject of our joint research. Listening and making audible to stimulate changes of

perspective in the process of artistic research and knowledge production as well as in communicating to an audience. The themes connect both sites and are communicated through concrete site-specific sound installations, interventions, performances and listening essays.

a documentation of the first project module (Tierra del Fuego) can be found here:


with: Florencia Curci (AR) Kerstin Ergenzinger (D) Cristian Espinoza (CL) Raviv Ganchrow (US/IL/NL) Jasmine Guffond (AU/DE) Victor Mazón (ES) Fernanda Olivares (CL) Alfredo Prieto (CL) Nicolas Spencer (CL)  Carsten Stabenow (D)   

Sonic Islands is a co-production of Terra Ignota and Tuned City and was made possible with the support of International Coproduction Fond of the Goethe Institut and Musikfonds e.V.