A GREAT TEAR IN THE NEUE AGE:: Melissa Dyne:: Sound Bath & Open Studios

sound bath live a/v installation & open studio by Melissa Dyne

Friday July 28 _ 7pm until 9pm

Friday Aug 11 & 25_ 7pm until 9pm

“Shortly after I arrived in Berlin I lost my sight. 

I came to Berlin from New York to make my first solo record and to gain a new perspective. 

I’m one half of the band The Blow, which is still very much active, but I’ve felt called to follow some creative sonic possibilities that have been calling to me for a long time. 

Not long into my time here, I lost vision in my left eye due to what is called a “Great Tear” in my retina, requiring me to adapt to life without relying on sight. Through a long series of surgeries, I am now slowly adapting to a new way of both living and working. I had already named my new album Neue Age which feels more appropriate than I had ever anticipated.

During the WOMANPRODUCER series at National Sawdust in 2016 I had a chance to spend time and perform with Pauline Oliveros. She talked a lot about deep listening and the practice of sonic meditation. From this conversation, I became inspired to explore the concept of a sound bath, later recording The Bath at a residency in Santa Fe, New Mexico, while staring at a sacred mountain. 

Pursuing healing through my work has now transitioned from a conceptual interest to a tangible necessity. 

I am beginning the creative process of my new album from a very unique place… one where I am only able to work sonically and must leave behind all the skills I developed for creating and composing with my eyes. Within this new journey of healing, I have the honour of being an artist in residence at the art space Liebig12, where I have made a site-specific nest to experiment and begin the creative process of my new album. 

I would like to invite people to join me for a series of sound bath performances @Liebig12 where I will share my new ways of expressing myself with my modular rig. 

I welcome you to help me bring The Neue Age to life from what feels like an entirely new way of being. “ MD


theblow.org / THE BATH, 2018 (Video)