2016::HYPERNATURAL #3: Exit Strategies


Performative Lecture curated by Desiree Foerster & Pedro Lopes

Performances by: Mikko Savela, Liz Allbee and Martyna Poznanska.
Followed by a panel discussion with the artists and Allegra Solitue (http://liebig12.de/), Lieke Ploeger (http://spektrumberlin.de/) and dj shluchT (aka http://diychurch.org/) + Desiree Foerster & Pedro Lopes

// Context

For entrepreneurs such as John Hawkey an exit strategy is a “means of leaving one’s current situation, either after a predetermined objective has been achieved, or as a strategy to mitigate failure.” Strangely, in this business world “exit” leans towards an escapism of “failure”, considered as something to be avoided.
At the Hypernatural Sounds # 3: exit strategies we will engage directly in the heart of this discussion. Not by merely theorizing it from a distance but by engaging in conversation (and in concerts) with three musicians which in their own way testify for different exit strategies.
The performances will be followed by an extended discussion round including the artists and additional guests.

This “exit strategies” is kindly broadcasted by DIYChurch, a radio show that has been live streaming/remixing/repurposing the experimental scene since 2010 with a DIY attitude and a zine-like outlook (read more here too). DIYchurch airs via the Reboot.FM network (a berlin-based fm community radio) and is eternally and communally available at archive.org.

// Artist Biographies

Mikko Savela: a guitarist of finnish origin, born and based in Umeå, Sweden. Mikko’s work entails not just unique ways of playing a guitar by destroying it through percussion, but also a manual on how to break away from trends, norms, which are deeply embedded in the acoustic guitar – perhaps the most mainstream musical object of all times. Mikko’s work is as physical as it is creative.

Liz Allbee: is a musician who works with the imaginarchic potential of sonic material. Her work constantly challenges the limit of the instrument and the surroundings, which includes merging the trumpet with a myriad of objects and of course the human body. Liz is a creator of lo-fi technologies for instrument extension, entailing extremly performative explorations of non-idiomatic music.

Martyna Poznanska: is a sound artist whose investigations dig into all those small sounds around us, those omnipresent pieces of acoustic ecology: noise within urban environments. Her work, through field recordings, compositions and installations, is as much about the sounds that she triggers as about your role in listening: an open invitation to explore the listener’s side inside the performance.