OTHER OPTIONS by Sam Hertz::Maryanna Lachman::Chani Bockwinkel


Sam Hertz (sound), Maryanna Lachman (choreography) and Chani Bockwinkel (video) collaborated on an a site specific installation for Liebig12.

OTHER OPTIONS is an extensible installation environment that models organic phenomena and the steady reclamation of objects by nature.

Performance by: Elizabeth Ardent, Larry Arrington, Leslie Castellano, Jesse Hewit, Stacey Swan, Oscar Tidd & Sophia Wang

trailer & more under: http://www.samhertzsound.com/other-options/ ,  https://vimeo.com/131829696

presented by Sam Hertz as current artist in residency at Liebig12

more under: http://www.samhertzsound.com