>E-MEETING< Electroacoustic Music & Soundscape Composition


Closing the Workshop happening on the 12. Internationalen Klangkunstfests Berlin curated by Thomas Gerwin, Liebig12 is pleased to host a collaborative performative sound project by Darren Copeland (live electronics, sound conduction) und Thomas Gerwin (prepared banjo, objects, electronics, sound conduction) presenting new (live-)elektroacustic & Soundscape-Compositions and an informal Artists Talk.

Darren Copeland is a Canadian sound artist active in Toronto since 1985. He is also the founding and current Artistic Director of New Adventures in Sound Art (NAISA). Key interests of his work include multichannel spatialization for live performance, fixed media composition, soundscape studies, radio art and sound installations. more under: darrencopeland.net

Thomas Gerwin is a Berlin based composer and sound artist dealing with spatial and “situative” works that often include also new media and other performative languages. Curator and director of inter art project – studio for media art and of the Berlin Loudspeaker Orchestra, Gerwin is also founding member of ‘World Forum for Acoustic Ecology’. In 2003 he founded & still directs the “Institute for Multisensorial Arts” (IfmK),  since 2004 curates “KlangWelten ad hoc”concert series, and since 2005 the ‘International Sound Art Festival Berlin’. more under: thomasgerwin.de


Thomas Gerwin “e-scape No.8” (2006/15) UA for object percussion + electronics
A concert space is a musical instrument itself.

Darren Copeland “Assorted Uncertainties” (2015) UA
This piece is an improvisation using interactive technology that is new to me called SoMo Sensor boards – a sensor technology for dancers developed in Toronto by Sonic Wear.

Thomas Gerwin “BIG BAN” (2015) for banjo + electronics
A fascinating instrument meets it’s ‘alter ego’ in an electronic mirror.

An inter-art-project production in cooperation with Institute for Multisensorial Art – IfmK Berlin, NAISA Sound Travel Toronto and LIEBIG12
More about the festival: inter-art-project.de/InternationalSoundArtFestival2015.html