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Venue: KW Institute for Contemporary Art – Chora

Liebig12 & Gitte Bohr present a collaborative project within the frame of ONS#5 a series realised by the Netzwerk freier Berliner Projekträume und -initiativen in collaboration with KW Institute for Contemporary Art.

Liebig12 and Gitte Bohr invite you to an evening of art, performances and conversations. Coming together over their common interest in the politics of aesthetic practices, the two art spaces will present, among others, the first publication by Gitte Bohr “Surface and Superficiality” and site-specific interventions within the program “Rekursionen der Macht – on how to exit the loop“ by Liebig12.

artists and contributors:

Many People (Kiron Guidi, Frank Holbein, Lars Werner), Fried Rosenstock, Gisela Dischner / Robert Lehniger,

Katrin Caspar & Eeva Liisa Puhakka, XY, Paul de Koens, Jana Linke / Allegra Solitude, John Duncan,

itinerant interludes #34: Laurie Schwartz & Tomomi Adachi, Zeitungspoet, Hylynyiv Lyngykrz (Helena Lingor),

Errands Group, Ingo Gerken, Erich Pick, Kenneth A. Balfelt, Diego Castro, Fred Dewey, Eva May, Ivana Sidzimovska, Megan Steinman

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