Occulto# Jeremy Young/Frau Lelli::Alessandra Eramo



The first Occulto night after a 27-month hiatus will start in the afternoon, because embracing contradictions is what we do best.

We are happy to present Jeremy Young and Frau Lelli improvising for the very first time as audiovisual duo, Alessandra Eramo presenting with a solo performance excerpts from her recent research, and an installation/reading hybrid by Occulto.

17.30: open doors, Occulto walk-in reading/installation
18.15 (sharp!): Alessandra Eramo
19.15 (sharp!): Jeremy Young and Frau Lelli

13 November 2021, Liebig12, 10247 Berlin

// Limited capacity, registration required, via online form below or via mail at liebigzwoelfe[at]gmail.com //

3G event. Please bring a certification of vaccination, recovery, or negative test, and a FFP2 or surgical mask.

Jeremy Young/Frau Lelli, Alessandra Eramo


Jeremy Young

Frau Lelli

Alessandra Eramo

Occulto Magazine

Organised by Occulto in collaboration with Liebig12. Alessandra Eramo is recipient of the 2021 Neustart Kultur/Musikfonds research grant, which helped make this event possible.