Dafeldecker/Capece/ Hamann/Heilbronn



Werner Dafeldecker presents a sonic open rehearsal with & by

_Iteration 20´

Lucio Capece – bassclarinet
Werner Dafeldecker – double bass


_Neural 34´
by Werner Dafeldecker, 2021

Lucio Capece – bassclarinet
Judith Hamann – cello
Jon Heilbron – double bass
Werner Dafeldecker – double bass

The composition places sound surfaces as its central focus and is inspired by the idea that neural networks develop a memory when they repeatedly send information.
During the performance, the ensemble focuses on vibrations and rhythmic variations of the overtones, which are caused by dynamics and pitch shifts in the microtonal range.
With the passage of time and performance practice, spherical, acoustic stamps become established, caused by the conscious perception of when rhythm changes into sound sensation and vice versa.
2G Covid_19 Policy & limited space please reserve at info@liebig12.net