Workshop::Nuts & Bolts::Take It From The Bird – by Felicity Mangan

31.10.2021 _14.00  to  18.00
07.11.2021_14.00 to 18.00
Nuts & Bolts present::
An animal music workshop inspired by the Superb Lyrebird, developed and presented by soundartist Felicity Mangan
Day 1 – Listening session / create a personal sound pallet of found animal sounds.
This workshop takes inspiration from the Superb Lyrebird, a bird known for mimicking natural and synthetic sounds to create an elaborate bird call. Mangan will discuss aspects of natural sound, online open access archives of animal sounds, and how to select a spectrum of frequencies, timbers and biorhythms for assembling sound works.
This session will be done in person, with a physical meet-up at Liebig12, Liebigstraße 12, 12470 Berlin.
Day 2 – Assembling and modifying found sound pieces with aid of digital tools.
Participants will create their own music assembling modified raw found sounds to create illusions of a quasi-natural sonic 3D sphere that wavers between natural and synthetic within the stereo field. For this purpose, Mangan will discuss the use of equalization, panning, delay and reverb effects within the Ableton software environment.
This session will take place online. Registered applicants will receive the link for participation.
By the end of the workshop participants would have learnt how to create animal music utilizing found sounds to create electronic music that demonstrates depth and spatialization within a stereo listening environment.
More detailed information on the content of the workshop can be found at
Requirements for participation:
– Have basic skills of Ableton Live or other sound editing software experience.
– Laptop.
– Ableton Live installed (any version).
– Headphones.
– Proof of vaccination or recovery of covid-19 in the past 6 months.
Entry Fee: Voluntary donation. Suggested donation for this workshop: € 10 per session.
We particularly encourage women, non-binary, trans, queer, bipoc and differently abled persons to apply.
Language: English
Felicity Mangan is an Australian sound artist and composer based in Berlin, Germany since 2008. In different situations Felicity plays her found native Australian wildlife archive exploring the timbre and forms of found and self-recorded animal voices while mimicking biorhythmic patterns to create minimal quasi-bioacoustic soundscapes.
To make sure we can facilitate your ability, please get in touch with us at
This workshop is funded by Musicboard Berlin.