tea / tōn::of tea and sound


tea / tōn
evening of tea and sound

(space is limited, please arrive on time)

17:45 doors
18:00 first tea
18:30 first performance
19:00 second tea
19:30 second performance

tea service by:

Thirsty Moon

For this event, Ying will serve her special selection of Chinese teas.

performances by:

Seiji Morimoto

Tiny Sound Events (2016)
A collection of tiny sound phenomena that occur when various objects are heated, rotated or rubbed together.
(This piece was first performed in 2016 at Liebig12!)


phrase_cycle: 123

performed by:

Shiomi Kawaguchi (Shamisan)
Sofie Karlin Schauerte (dance)
Mor Wen (voice, electronics)
Cecilia Feng (lighting, elements)
William “Bilwa” Costa (sine tones, un/natural field recordings)