ROMA ILLEGALE_film screening

Januar 22 + 23 .2023 5-8PM @ Liebig12

DIY documentary, written and directed by Andrea Scarcella
with: Leo Anibaldi, Kernel Panik, Warbear, Massimo Canevacci, Anna Bolena, 
Minimal Rome, Paolo Zerla, Er Duka
duration: 80min.
production year: 2021
Italian language with English subtitles
format 16: 9 – 4: 3 / COLOR
original soundtrack: Leo Anibaldi

Rome in the 90s was a terrain of deep musical and social experimentation. At the beginning of the decade a group of pioneering producers and DJs came into contact with the sounds of a new musical genre that from North America, UK and Germany is expanding throughout Europe. It is the dawn of TECHNO and the “SOUND OF ROME” ends up conquering the city; from the centre to the suburbs, everyone dances with these new electronic rhythms in musical gatherings with sound pressures never heard before, suddenly makes the Romans involved feel that the distances with the rest of the world are narrowing and from the peripheral margin, Rome becomes a popular destination for DJs and most acclaimed producers in the world. Thanks to local artists such as Lory D, Leo Anibaldi, Andrea Benedetti and others, even Rome, such as London, Berlin, Chicago and Detroit, can boast rave parties with guests of the calibre of Aphex Twin and Robert Armani. But the greed of the organizers takes over and so these “semi-legal” raves from events organized for the love of music and aggregation become easy outlets for unsavoury characters, they expose themselves to fascist and criminal infiltrations that have little to do with creativity and musical experimentation. This is how taking their first steps from squats (CENTRI SOCIALI OCCUPATI), such as Spaziokamino in Ostia, Forte Prenestino, Pirateria and Breakout in Rome, a crew decides that if you can’t find the music and parties you want anywhere you might as well organize yourself. Broadcasts on pirate radio stations are born (Hard Raptus on Radio Onda Rossa) and the need for these young people to get out of their jobs with the aim of connecting with the metropolis and self-organizing fun is becoming more and more pressing. They come into contact with a segment of the urban proletariat that, orphaned of commercial raves, no longer has a real space to express themselves, starting the season of ILLEGAL RAVES, an instrument that after almost 30 years from the events recounted in the documentary still manages to bring tens of thousands of people across the world into the practice of employment and self-management in a totally unpredictable way for the institutions. The RAVE is artistic expression, musical experimentation, horizontality, empathy and social inclusion. Fully entitled the last great counterculture born in the twentieth century, which between ups and downs has been able to transform and renew itself in the era of digital communication, evading the market. A cultural bridge between generations that knows no borders and barriers of any kind.