Bluefish film & Goldwood retrospective with/by Forrest McCuller


from 6.30pm

Goldwood is an epic series of docu/fictional films by Forrest McCuller. Sometimes funny, often psychological, and always echoing the political topics and moods that moved society at the moment each film was made.

The films are portraits of different real life characters that tell you about their lives, and then reappear in later films to update their stories.

Blue Fish is the most recent in the series: a feature length film about a fish that is said to cure depression when consumed in a sauce prepared using an ancient Roman method. It is also the story of a depressive filmmaker searching for answers in a rapidly changing world.

The filmmaker will be present to talk about earlier films in the Goldwood series, and show clips, and then Blue Fish will be screened in it’s entirety.

Forrest McCuller is a musician, writer, and conceptual artist that began making films in 2009, first producing an extremely lo-fi three hour epic about an unknow high school band called The Fortune Tellers. But he only began writing about himself in the third person a few minutes ago.

Bluefish trailer:

The Fortune Tellers: