FcktheFckerz#2::Lecture&Open Discussion::Protests in Chile!


Fck the Fckerz, is a series on urgent political issues curated by Marianne Tuckman & Marcelo Schmittner_residents artists and activists at Liebig12.

We invite you to a spontaneous conversation where we will disseminate, reflect and contextualise the huge social movement that’s boiling in Chile and in the whole region (after 8.30pm we can continue hanging out and exchanging moving to a Bar next door).

We will have a video-call with Ashrim Iran from Santiago (philosopher and a master student of Latin american Cultural Studies at the University of Chile) and will provide a local and regional background, update to what is happening, and his own point of view.
And with us will be Pancha Vera (performer and writer ) that will give us a critical vision regarding the riots and the state actions and repression.

“We don’t have public and quality education, same with health and pensions.
We demand the construction of a new social pact and the abolishment of the Constitution of the Republic that was approved in 1980, in the midst of the dictatorship.
We do not forget, and from the distance we join in solidarity supporting those who stand up and fight.
We repudiate the acts of violence against the people and any kind of state terrorism, the same for the whole political class that has colluded with the interests of capital and is not willing to distribute anything, maintaining its privileges.”

The discussion will be moderated by Loukas Troll (social science student and writer).

What’s happening in Chile is the fairly long accumulation of discomfort, anger and powerlessness that comes from a series of measures that for years have been making the lives of workers, students, indigenous communities, peasants and migrants even more precarious; strengthening the neoliberal model established during the dictatorship with the enormous influence of the USA government.

video excerpts: