FcktheFckerz#3::Lecture&Open Discussion::from Chile to Hong Kong

From 7.30pm

Fck the Fckerz, is a series on urgent political issues curated by Marianne Tuckman & Marcelo Schmittner_residents artists and activists at Liebig12.

Fck the Fckerz #3 @ACKER STADT PALAST_(Ackerstraße 169, 10115 Berlin, Germany)

We invite you to an open discussion where we will compare, reflect and contextualise the political descent and consequent social movements that are spreading over the planet, using Hong Kong and Chile as a starting point.

We will begin with a brief introduction from Pancha Vera (performer and writer) resuming the last Fck the Fckerz#2 open discussion (Chile wachte endlich auf /, 29.10.2019).
Pancha will also give a presentation offering an analysis of ‘neo liberalism in crisis’, extracting themes and ideologies that are manifested in the numerous global revolts happening right now in Haiti, Ecuador, Chile, Lebanon and Hong Kong (to name a few).

Pancha´s talk will be followed by a presentation from a representative of a group of activists focussing on the situation in Hong Kong at Laidak (The Last Fight for Freedom: from Berlin to Hong Kong).
We will finish the evening by opening up the conversation by dividing into groups to discuss various questions.

The time has come, let’s take back the power to narrate ourselves!