2013::Vorspiel::SPACE US THE PLACE


A 2 days for reSource 003: P2P Vorspiel promoted by transmediale 2013 & curated by Liebig12

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Meditational scapes & performances by

SIMON OLIVIER “SINWAVE” (electric guitar, roland keyboard, effects)

NICO LIPPOLIS (drums / percussions) & GIOVANNI VERGA ( effects / electronics & keyboard)

“EGO´S WIDOW” by PIETRO LA HARA // sound by Joke Lanz & WAL

Rime collage as Outdoor projections for Liebigstrasse 12 by Holger Bleck Allegra solitude


27.01 / 06.02.2013

a site specific audiovisual installation by PIERCE WARNECKE curated by Manuela Benetton & Liebig12

(presented also as the final project of Pierce´s Meisterschüler studies at Universität der Kunst, Berlin)

“In order to better understand us, a machine of non-human origin appears in our reality.
Its function seems to be to study the peculiarities of its new surroundings, done by scanning objects and elaborating an audiovisual analysis of them. From its imaginary objective viewpoint, the machine explores generative and degenerative processes based on observed patterns it detects in our world, which we interpret as audio and video streams.
The piece is also, in a sense, a homage to the science fiction genre in its entirety, whether it be the intellectual, esteemed and innovative side (Ryoji Ikeda,Andrei Tarkovsky) or the more popular, cliched or even ironic side (John Carpenter, Philip K. Dick)..”

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