Talk and presentation about his recent works thesis & writings relating to his masters at the institute of sonology in the Hague.

In between an artist presentation and an audition, this talk by RUBEN PATINO will cover several topics like early electronic music, hybrid synthesis and non standard sound spatialization approaches.

Ruben Patino, also known as Pato, works in the area of computer music, an activity he combines with incursions in the installation field. He has played some solo performances, released records and collaborated with friends like Roc Jimenez de Cisneros, Olivier di Placido and Seiji Motimoto. Together with Morten J Olsen plays as Navnlaust Monster Opptog, a strict exotic pattern oriented music project.

Originally from Barcelona, he is currently pursuing a masters degree in Sonology at the Royal Conservatory in the Hague where he is blending aspects like sound spatialization, hybrid synthesis and early electronic music under a multidisciplinary approach. more under: