26.01_04.02 :: Media Collage_Forced Rhythm :: Seiji Morimoto :: Kyoco Taniyama :: Youngho Lee

Friday 26.Jan. – Sunday 04.Feb.2024

opening: 26.Jan. 18:00

19:00 – short presentation

Sunday 04.02

14:30 vinyl workshop by Kyoco Taniyama interacting with her sound sculpture_bring yr records to destroy_16 performance by Seiji Morimoto _ pre-register at liebigzwoelfe@gmail.com or just show up!

opening hours: Wed.- Sun.: 14:00-19:00

Liebig12 is pleased to announce <Media Collage_Forced Rhythm> a Group Exhibition by Seiji Morimoto, Kyoco Taniyama and Youngho Lee.

It presents multi-media works, including film- looping machines, installation with Augmented Reality by Youngho, video installation by Seiji Morimoto, which shows images and sounds/rhythms of construction sites in Berlin and a multimedia work by Kyoco Taniyama that uses sound sculpture with mechanical sounds and vinyl records.

The mechanical sound of the film machine moving at regular intervals in the space reminds visitors of the metroonme’s beat or music performances by an orchestra according to a conductor’s direction: In this context, <Forced Rhythm>, indicates the sound of a regulated pitch played by force.

While projecting moving images through a projector, Youngho Lee uses film strips as physical, formative, and architectural materials beyond the support of moving images, and differentiates the specificity of films from the structural boundaries, viewing modes, and standardized arrangements of standard films. Lee is  looking for a practice that explores ways to escape.

AR features the current situation in which highly advanced AR technology has developed night vision on the battlefield; the fact that AR was initially invented as a monitor installed onto a helmet for military purposes. It shows that the artist has carefully observed how the nature of demand for optical media has changed from a source of entertainment in its early stage to military hardware.

Seiji Morimoto’s video work, which shows cranes and materials moving slowly on the construction sites with sky and clouds in the background, attempts to capture a moment of contrast and harmony between the energy of the city and the beauty of nature.

The internal sound of the machine, captured by Kyoco Taniyama‘s contact microphone, is like the sound of our heartbeat and gives the impression of a living organism. These machine sounds were recorded at the Industriedenkmal Jakob Bengel, a former Jewellery chain maker. During the period of peak affluence of the jewellery industry, which lasted around 150 years, the environment was totally polluted. At the same time, work was performed In historical machines that effused beautifully powerful energy from human wisdom and copious efforts. 

All mechanical mechanisms are controlled by rotational movement, and the rotational movement of the vinyl records can be seen as a metaphor for the biosphere of our society and the planet as a whole, which is in continuous motion without rest. 

This constant rhythm interlocks and synchronizes separates works, Seiji Morimoto, Kyoco Taniyama and Youngho Lee in the exhibition, and ultimately, It transforms them into multi-dimensional parts of massive devices. 

By exploring atypical expendability and non-metrica velocity conveyed in systematic kinetic films, diffractive sound, and rhythmical patterns of a Projector(or Machine), we encourages the viewers to seek certain sentiments indwelling machines and to establish a connection between our own selves and these machines.

The  exhibition is like a media collage experiment.