23.01::RADICAL DUALISM Expanded Live Set:: Francesco Mancori ::Kurihara Takuya

23.01.2024 – 6pm


Francesco Mancori (IT/DE) – visual synthesizer :: Kurihara Takuya (JP) – modular synthesizer

RADICAL DUALISM, a project by Francesco Mancori and Kurihara Takuya, explores the intersection of generative live audiovisuals through the manipulation of algorithms in real-time. The creative process involves interactive programming and patching environments, transforming algorithms into a dynamic tool for creating abstract forms devoid of logical content, emphasizing the pursuit of abstraction as a pure aesthetic practice.

Francesco Mancori

Francesco Mancori, is a media artist focusing on the light as substance through its expression in the form of digital imaging, video, light performances and installations. Recently he has dedicated his artistic practice to the production of algorithmic drawings and interactive computing in digital morphogenetic processes.

Over the years he developed various projects, using custom designed software and hardware for the construction of dynamic complex systems, working on electronic audiovisual live-set, photonics modulators, vjing, light installations, wearable performances and generative synthetic media. https://francescomancori.art/

Kurihara Takuya

Beside of his visual arts activities, he also has been making music which has been inspired by his art works using the electric devices and some objects with contact microphone and field recordings. Since 10 years Kurihara is a member of Wide Scope, an open format electronic orchestra formed in his studio in Tacheles. With Dylan Bakker he formed the Bakkakuri duo. He plays his modular synth as a soloist or in improvised music ensembles. https://soundcloud.com/kuriharakurihara