JENNY GRÄF SHEPPARD is a Baltimore based multimedia artist who works with the social dimension of art and the consequences of performance, to explore perceptual states and social pretexts.

While working / producing new pieces and scores as artist in residence at Liebig12, Jenny will illustrate and talk about her artistic practice, present her last record performing a live set and screen her short movie ” Proud Flesh” (an experimental Western shot in the Badlands) released together with Chiara Giovando (artist in residence at Liebig12 in 2011) with who she wrote, directed and created the sound score.


In her practices she has engaged people in the production of a restaurant in the basement of her home, designed projects for a group of women with Alzheimers in which the guitar serves as voice, and she started the Stone Carving Orachestra, which explores Experimental Archeology and the use of phonemes to channel readings for members of the audience.

She has been commissioned by Experimental Sound Studio in Chicago to create an a sound installation in the Fern Room at the Chicago Lincoln Park Conservatory where her piece “Osmosymbiotic Echo” was composed based on native bird song and wing beat pattern (sounds tipically inaudible to humans that in the ultrasonic range affect plants, insects and other birds in a variaty of ways).

Her sound work includes solo work and long term collaborations with MV Carbon (in Metalux) and other such as John Wiese, James Twig Harper, Marcia Bassett, Chiara Giovando and Susan Alcorn.

She has produced several films such as:
“I Remember Better When I Paint” a film that explores the cognitive impact of creativity on those with Dementia.
With Chiara Giovando (artist in residence at Liebig12 in 2011), she wrote, directed and created a sound score for “Proud Flesh”, an experimental Western shot in the Badlands.

Gräf ´s work has been performed and exhibited at PS1 in New York, The Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, Maryland Film Festival, Mukha Museum in Antwerp, MOFFOM Festival In Prague, Ladies Fest in Copenhagen, and the Director´s Lounge in Berlin. more under: ,


photo:Carl Kruegel