Soundinstallation / Record release


ESELSBRÜCKE is a collection of 10 pieces of computer music, composed and recorded in Berlin over a period of 6 months.

As a starting point, let us remind ourselves that the Ancient Greek philosophers, Aristotle especially, acknowledged that a relation between sound and sense,gives music tremendous symbolic force.Music is able to affect the way we feel things and perceive our lives.This significant power to transform remains undiminished,and brings with it a need for responsibility around the intentions and actions involved in music creation, and listening.


extract from: “Donkey Bridges: On Creative and Technical Process Behind  Eselsbrücke” by Cristian Vogel

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The sound installation at Liebig12 and the further concert in ausland is the premiere performance of Cristian Vogel´s forthcoming album, Eselsbrücke, pure computer music composition (released by the label SubRosa, Brussel).

The installation offers an intimate and contemplative view on Cristian´s studio setting for the composition of Eselsbrücke and will naturally lead the audience to join the concert on the 26th of June in ausland.

The exhibition at Liebig12 includes artworks from artist Jana Linke who partecipated the realization of  Eselsbrücke concerning the image of the cover.

Cristian Vogel is a composer, music producer and artist specialising in experimental electronic music, club culture and sound art. more under: Cristian Vogel , , ,


26.06 AUSLAND Berlin


CRISTIAN VOGEL plays ESELSBRüCKEConcert / Record release