Portland-based GORDON ASHWORTH, who in a previous incarnation (as Oscillating Innards CAEN, Knelt Rote) delivered an altogether more brutal take on experimental music before planting his feet firmly in the world of shimmering, layered drones.

Under the Concern moniker, Ashworth “proceeds to completely obliterate the vast majority of what passes for contemporary drone with a colossal shimmer that sounds like Tim Hecker reconfiguring classic Raga structures into something almost unspeakably beautiful. Amazing music” (Boomkat).

Gordon Ashworth “S.T.L.A.” LP & digital download coming soon on Orindal Records  orindal.com/

Concern “Misfortune” tape & digital download coming soon on PAN: pan-act.com/

CAEN “Middlefield” LP coming soon on Urashima: urashima.it/

more under: forcedbloom.com/concernreleases.htm //
listen: soundcloud.com/concernsoundcloud.com/gordonashworth

TATSUMI RYUSUI is a Japanese sound artist, guitar player, instrument builder and a wonderful musician living in Berlin. more under: soundcloud.com/tatsumi-ryusui