BEN VIDA’s artist talk: ‘The Process of Slipping Control’



Moderated by Laurie Schwartz.

Using developments in his own compositional process, Ben Vida will speak on the subject of expanded compositional techniques. Focusing on recent works, including Slipping Control (video, 2013) and Metal Fatigue Music (BoomCar, 2013-2014) Ben will discuss how his practice has changed from a purely sonic engagement to working in a number of different media and modalities.

Ben Vida is a Brooklyn based artist and composer. He has been an active member of the international experimental music community for the past seventeen years with a long list of collaborations, bands and releases to his credit. In the mid 90’s he co-founded the group Town and Country and has since worked as a solo artist under his own name and as Bird Show with releases on such labels as PAN, Alku, Thrill Jockey and Kranky. He has presented his work in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, South Korea and Japan.

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Laurie Schwartz is a Berlin-based American composer and independent radio producer. Numerous features for German and American broadcasting stations and online include interviews with composers ranging from John Cage to John Zorn, Phil Glass to Phill Niblock. Her music has been released by Esopus, Academy, Edition Zeitklang, Cantate-Musicaphon, and Zeitkratzer.