“12 Liebiglieder, oder wie erkläre Ich es meinem Nachbarn ” 

In a society undefined by marginalised organisations such as the Liebig12 projectspace, a neighbour is a presence in both an archetypical as in a social way.

In a troubled neighbourhood as Berlin´s Friedrichshain socio-historical processes meet and clash.
The neighbour presented by Thatcheran neo-liberalist thought was a figure that would create a society of helpful citizens. The political world could no longer take care of every aspect of communal life.
During Friedrichshain´s DDR times, the neighbour was a possible collaborator of the STASI, who kept a close eye on every move that wore traces of insubordinate behaviour.

The political world was supposed to take care of every aspect of communal life.
In a neighbourhood where inhabitants come and go and speak foreign languages and where most of the newly arrived don´t know Berliner Weisse or the name of the coach of Hertha BSC, a classic neighbour, the one on whose door you could knock if you had gone out of sugar, is a species on its way to extinction.
The neighbour mainly exists on an ear to ear level. He is the source of sounds leaking through walls and ceilings. Drills, vacuum cleaners or washing machines at night produce sounds that define commodities. The neighbour takes care of and feels at home in this commoditised world.

GoT, a white cube gallery art noise duo, will pick up the theme of “The Neighbour”.

Jeff Surak Rinus van Alebeek, the members of GoT will use elements of chanson, sound art, whisper culture, plunderphonics, archaic ceremonies, voodoo, traditional avant-garde music, soviet realism, musique concrete, the laws of Lee Strassberg, geo-dating and journalism to investigate the relation between performance art and neighbours.
“12 Liebiglieder, oder wie erkläre Ich es meinem Nachbarn” is an attempt to come to peace with the neighbour that lives in every one of us.
The audience is advised to bring warm memories of their own neighbours, be they from the past, from their home town or today´s, and, if possible, to take some home-made apple pie too.

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