Expeditions in specific Territories:: sensing + sense-making between Montevideo + Rostock


4 to 10pm

A group of artists, researchers and urbanists from South America and Europe worked for two weeks in Montevideo and Rostock, reflecting on sound as a contextual phenomenon of urban space.

The old ports of Montevideo and Rostock manifest themselves in strikingly similar ways: forgotten and largely unused, against the backdrop of centuries-old, picturesque cities wirh discreet, elegant architecture and checkered histories. New international ports are being built on the riverbanks of the Warnow and De La Plata rivers. Mechanical monsters, standardized by global freight traffic. The contrast between local and global materializes vividly, giving clear indications of the contradictions of our post-industrial and hyper-mercantile times.

The artists placed themselves on the uncertain and unexpected edges between the old port cities and the new global distribution machines – trying to cross the margins and boundaries of perception in these specific territories.

with: Florencia Curci (AR) Kerstin Ergenzinger (D) Cristian Espinoza (CL/UY) Fernando Godoy (CL) Nika Schmitt (NL) Rene Rissland (D) Lourdes Silva (UY) Carsten Stabenow (D) Pol Villasuso (UY) ZAGO (Eugenia González + Leonello Zambón) (AR) 

Expeditions in Specific Territories is a co-production of Territorio Especifico Montevideo, SRAP Architekten and Tuned City and was made possible with the support of International Coproduction Fond of The Goethe Institut and Musikfonds e.V.





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