SPIRAL:: surrealich&criticalP:: TheFatesAreMockingMe:: MoVanZandt&json

The artists worked with two cochlear implant users, surrealich’s mother Alma Ruiz de Alegria and Julia Hann von Weyhern, to reveal their way of hearing. 
The multimedia project is presented through paintings by Nuria Ruiz de Alegria, surrealich (designs) and Julia, and a film by sound artists surrealich and critical P and film artists Maya Zaretski and Pablo Dunkerly.

“The fates are mocking me“ (2022)

A shimmering liminal duet… with you. Play with movement and pose to warp and distort layers in this three movement audiovisual sonatina inspired by avant pop and psychedelic horror.
Mo Van Zandt is an electronic musician and dancer. json is a lighting designer and digital artist specializing in real time visuals. They are a newlywed audio visual duo hailing from Texas and Brooklyn.


surrealich, critical P, and Mo Van Zandt  are part of the ORA Collective. ORA is a body of energy, a manifestation of international producers and vocalists reflecting the beauty in our surroundings through soulful electronic music. As a collective, we create and curate lush, glowy music.