EIN magazine invites us to a meeting with 6 artists whose works are presented in Issue #1.

They will talk about their artistic practice, inspirations and contemporary photography.

Ambiguity and changeability of the meaning of a photograph enables artists to focus on its form and representational conventions. Changing something to nothing turns attention to the question: How things are represented and hence focuses on the photographic medium itself? The projects presented here explore poetic possibilities of photography. Like in poetry, they use metaphors, ambiguity, symbolism, irony or rhythm. They explore the aesthetic aspects purely within the medium or by mixing it with painting, drawing, installation or decorative art . Finally, they subvert some representational conventions within portrait, landscape, architecture and illustration photography. All of this enables us to view each of the projects in “I have nothing to say” as visual poems. We hope this can become a subject of further discussions.
Works and words by:
Valerie Schmidt valerieschmidt.de
Julien Menand julienmenand.com
Melissa Steckbauer melissasteckbauer.weebly.com
Katherina Heil katherinaheil.de
Benten Clay bentenclay.com
moderated by Ania Pabis and Aleks Slota, artists /curators and editors of EIN magazine)
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