Covid19 Quarantine Diaries::window interface series

03_2020 / 05.2021 _ Covid19 Quarantine Diaries

Dear Everyone!

while after 1 year of restrictions we all still TRY to understand & respect Covid19 rules, Liebig12 windows is still sending out messages to the street via our #window interface series, a project by Allegra Solitude in collaboration with the invited artists. For past interfaces and related events scroll down


5 to 8pm ONLY

window interface #12 VIBRATING WINDOWS

sound and tactile performance by Tomomi Adachi

performer/composer Tomomi Adachi, will vibrate the two glass windows of Liebig 12 for his 3 hour performance. The glasses work as speaker membranes. Audiences could listen and even touch the sounds from the street. Adachi will be behind the windows. The wall that separates the audience from the performer is transformed into an interface that connects them. Adachi operates voice and self made electronics.


27.04 / 23.05.2021

window interface #11

in progress graffiti intervention and light installation by artist musician & curator Kris Limbach _Just walk by!

01 -29.05.2021

TUNE IN_TO: “The May Files” _weekly afternoon radio streaming & video recording of solo_performances, story telling & interviews curated & moderated by legendary DIENSTbar & Ohmnoise in collaboration with Liebig12

01.05 _ Mi Ho

08.05_ Sofia Salvo

15.05Mai Caroline Cecilia Tallone

22.05 _ Di Ei (Munsha)

29.05_ Audrey Chen 

Internet audio transmission from Liebig12_Berlin 16:00 – 17:00 CET plus Paris & Marseille via dab+

If you want to listen back to each performance session (without the interviews) you can visit the page of DIENSTbar on and look for Transmission No 77 / 78 / 79 / 80 / 81. Each Transmission is featuring every Artist who participates “THE MAY FILES” & an extra concert from Artists who belongs to the DIENSTbar Network!


19 / 24.04.2021

window interface #10 no_ne

A/V installation by William Bilwa Costa

everyday_from 7.30pm to 9.30pm _just walk by!



window interface #9 WAVES

video installation_by Ran Ancor created with Phototron, a modular analogue visual synthesizer designed for real time performances, showing purely electromagnetic manual operated manipulations, without the help of algorithms.

On view from sundown to midnight!_Just walk by!


01 / 02 .2021

window interface #8 REPETITIVE DIFFERENTIAL  itinerant interlude#8friendly supported by INM Berlin >>> On view from sundown to midnight!_Just walk by! 


ongoing & in progress site specific installation by Jana Linke in collaboration with Allegra Solitude / Liebig12 departing from Jana´s  previous window interface #4  THEM WE YOU ME accomplished in June 2020 after a 7days performative act. The installation will host spontaneous performative happenings to be seen from the street & shared online as videos.

Finissage _ 27.02.2021 _6 to 8pm_performance every half n hour

itinerant interlude#8
pop up_performance curated by Laurie Schwartz in collaboration with Allegra Solitde & Liebig12 interacting with Jana Linke´s installation, including performer Anna Clementi sound artist Martyna Poznanska

The installation and the performance can be seen/heard from the street as the window will function as stage, screen and sound device.

Listen to the soundtrack made for the show:: ‘Disquiet Contingencies’ – Martyna Poznanska for II#8 at Liebig12

Further contributions s s :::::



window interface #7 OUT OF ORDER

by Anonymous interacting with window interface #4 by Jana Linke



window interface #6 30 YEARS MAINZERSTRASSE

video projections by Marc Weiser artist, musician & author with Arurmukha of the new re_released LP “14.11.90 ein akustisches psychogramm” in occasion of the 30 Years anniversary from the eviction of Mainzer Strasse. A musical document straight from these days.

Listen >> Radio Interview with Marc Weiser (in German)

Listen to 14.11.90 ein akustisches psychogramm” by Arurmukha

interacting with window interface #4 by Jana Linke & #5 by our direct Neighbors

in collaboration with the event “30 YEARS MAINZERSTRASSE” @ Jugend[widerstands]museum Galiläakirche on 13 & 14.11.20; a 2 days event with many interesting and fun contributions by Geschichtswerkstatt mainzerstrasse, Die Tsootsies, esels alptraum, quartiersmanagement grunewald MyGruni, liebig15, Arurmukha, Liebig12 & more to be announced HERE!



window interface #5 OPEN LETTER_STADT POLITIK

Open letter from the Neighbors in Solidarity with the Queer Houseproject Liebig34 & against its eviction by investor / speculator Mr. Padovicz

sound installation by Arurmukha playing the new released LP re released in occasion of the 30 Years anniversary from the eviction of Mainzer Strasse. More under:  14.11.90 ein akustisches psychogramm

interacting with window interface #4 by Jana Linke


06 / 07 / 08 / 09 / 10 / 11.2020

window interface #4

by Jana Linke “THEM WE YOU ME”




by Ana Nastasia / Josef Maass / Thilykos Marios / Marcelo Schmittner



window interface #2  WHATS NEXT?

by Fck the fckerz

watch video & reed here  WHATS NEXT!?

intercontinental collective of artists & activists in Residency at Liebig12!

“Liebig34 continued blasting tunes from the balcony and their words rained down on the unfolding drama below. From the inside of our window, underneath question ‘WHAT’S NEXT?’ we also continued with our performance. Behind the window screen, two performers asked each other questions, rearranged the furniture, played games… anything to pass the time, stuck still in an extended present. This is now, this is still now and this will be now for a while longer. We continued, initially to an audience of passers- by but soon they had all been pushed away by riot police who occupied the front row. Finally we got to perform to a well dressed, or even, OVER DRESSED crowd.”

_by the way_we are now very busy making beautiful & sustainable handmade masks to sell & support refugee camps in Lesbos & Moira via Mission LIFELINE Search and Rescue’s initiative #SaveThem, organising charter flights to bring children and their mothers to safety and improving the living situation in the camps. 

Pass by, buy a mask and spread the message: Capitalism is the virus!



window interface #1

by Marianne Tuckman & Marcelo Schmittner

‘I realised I hadn’t seen a nose or a mouth in days. I remembered how warm they could be’ (…continues)

Hope you enjoy this short story. Take a walk and pass by.