11 / 31.05.2013

Liebig12 & Month of Performance Art Berlin present:


curated by Yun-Ting Hung, Lan Hung, I-Chen Tsou


Taiwanese curators are invited to organise the exhibition (CON)TEMPORARY SPACE-TIME that focuses and presents on Taiwanese performance/action art in Berlin, european capital of art.Shifting time, dislodgeble space and static body, these three states transmit and reflect the need of performance art for acting as mist and dew or lightning.

The exhibition (CON)TEMPORARY SPACE-TIME intends to present a temporal coexistence with history, which is a concept of multi side streams outside historical context, that is generated from how the character of art and body in demand is positioned and interpreted.In the special historical background, the context of performance art in Taiwan can be separated into three parts: first, 1980-1990 before and after Abolishing Martial Law the ironic and judgmental reflection on political and social situation; second, 1990-2000 body and life the extreme test on body and relationship between art and life; third, after 2000 the flourishing of video the relationship between body and video.

The exhibition includes 16 artists and 24 artworks according to the above three sections.

The exhibition intends to present the diverse relationships between body and religious, Zen, civilisation, nature, social interaction and confronting repression and additionally shows how Taiwanese performance/action artists grow a unique performance/act art contextual brook with historical torrent.

photo: Yun-Ting Hung 2013


Wang Mo-Lin

The Classroom of Terror

Chen Yung-hsien

Leo Liu

Cheng Shih-chun

Watan Wuma

Effie Wu

Cheng Shih-chun

Tang Huang-Chen

Lin Chi-Wei

Watan Wuma

Su Yu-Shen

Effie Wu

Anya Liftig

Valerie Kuehne

Brian McCorkle & Esther Neff (Panoply Performance Lab)

Barbara Lazara

25 / 26.05.2013


Catriona Robertson Allegra Solitude Lan Hung invite the artists

of (CON)TEMPORARY SPACE -TIME to be interviewed at ! L I V E A R T R E V I E W !

performing critics/interviewers:

Stefania Angelini
Jorn J. Burmester
Marcio Carvalho
Tiny Domingos
Lan Hungh
Cat Robertson & Allegra Solitude
Francesca Romana Ciardi

Rinus Van Alebeek