Andrea Parkins::performative lecture


Andrea Parkins – artist, composer, and electroacoustic improviser – engages with interactive electronics as both material and process, focusing especially on aspects of dislocation. 

In many ways, she considers improvisation as the foundation of her artistic work. In this context, her interest aims at the multiple correspondences between embodied experience, materiality, sound, site, and space.

Only recently Parkins has defended her PhD project at the Norwegian Academy of Music: ”’Sonic Spaces for the Stray‘: (Dif)Fusing Dis-location in Sound Installation and Performance”. Working with an array of sonic materials – amplified drawing tools, objects and surfaces, electronic feedback, custom-built software and acoustic instruments – her research explores these correspondences and examines subjectivity and its embodiment.

In 2022/23, Parkins is a fellow of the Berlin Artistic Research Grant Programme

For a deeper insight in Parkins’ work:
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