Isidora Oyarzun::Marianne Tuckman

Dear all,

For the past three months we’ve been working in the initial research phase of a project for a performance that will premiere in 2023. We’d like to wrap up this phase by opening up our research by inviting you to a presentation and conversation at Liebig12 (Liebigstr.12, 10247) on 2.11.2022 at 20.00 (very limited space please get in touch and reserve at

In Finding a language (working title) we are developing an interdisciplinary performance piece that combines dance and bio-drama, a performance genre in which people (often non-performers) perform their own life experiences. 

The topic is urgent and hard to talk about: the effect of racialization in intimate relationships. Although this issue is present in the daily lives of countless couples and friendships, it is often overlooked, and rarely talked about. The research work we have been doing so far explores how the experience of racialization is sometimes present in a person’s most intimate moments; history and politics can invade even the closest relationships, pre-determining conversations and conflicts.

During this period we’ve been immersing ourselves in the topic, with the goal of finding a way to approach the topics in all of its important but also to be able to question ourselves in the process. At this point, we would be grateful to have your input. We’d like to see what’s coming through, what resonates as well as possible blindspots.

We are looking forward to sharing this with you,

Kind regards,

Isidora Oyarzún (bio-drama theatre director and technician. Chilean living in Berlin)

Marianne Tuckman (choreographer, performer, facilitator. UK living in Berlin)