Un/natural Field Recordings / Natural Overdubs::Workshop

Un/natural Field Recordings / Natural Overdubs: Workshop

with William “Bilwa” Costa

Sat 12.03 _12:00 – 18:00
Sun 13.03_ 12:00 – 18:00 + Closing Performance 19:00 – 21:00

@LIEBIG12 // Liebigstrasse 12, Liebigstrasse 12, 10247 Berlin (near Frankfurter Tor/U5)

Registration Required@ williambilwacosta@gmail.com

COST: € 80_Total cost for both days
Workshop will be in English

Negative Test necessary.

Un/natural Field Recordings / Natural Overdubs: Workshop will culminate in a public concert by the particpants. We will form small ensembles and perform scores, using sound palettes created during the workshop.

Un/natural Field Recordings// Natural Overdubs is a workshop which utilizes urban, architectural, and natural urban spaces as a source for cultivating, processing, and over-dubbing sound. This workshop is open to artists of any medium (sound art, experimental music, performance, dance, visual art, etc.) who are interested in experimenting with sound. We will work individually and collaboratively, as an entire as well as in small groups.

During the workshop we will utilize the U Bahn and S Bahn as a source to cultivate sound material, overdub these recordings, and create scores/structures.

The goal of the workshop is to experiment with unorthodox methods of recording and processing sound; and to create personal sound palette, which can be used for experimentation, composition, and performance.

Un/natural Field Recordings// Natural Overdubs is based on Bilwa’s personal practice, Un/natural Fields, in which he cultivates human-made, digital, analogue, and mechanical sounds, as well as many other incidental sounds which make up a city’s soundscape. Bilwa has recorded on metros and other indoor and outside public spaces, throughout Europe, N. America, and E. Asia. These found sounds, which are referred to as un/natural field recordings, are over-dubbed (played back and re-recorded) in different locations, with various sonic qualities following time-based or site relative scores. This technique offers a means of effecting, or processing, the original recordings as well as combining sounds which are unique to the different locations. The result is a palette of complex sounds which contain various qualities as well as cultural references, combined by both choice and chance. These recording are arranged in multi-track sound palettes which, combined with sine-tones, are used for experimental compositions; employing techniques associated with Musique Concrète, electronic music, generative music, and auditory illusion including: phasing, oscillation, binaural beating, cancellation, etc. Using no plug-in effects, sound processing is achieved by multi-track playback and spatialization.

Un/natural Field Recordings
Audio recordings comprised of man-made, digital, analogue, and mechanical sounds, as well as many other incidental sounds, which make up a city’s soundscape in public spaces. This process can be done systematically, intentionally, or at random; using various quality levels of recording devices. During the workshop we will create and execute scores, structures, and choreographies for recording.

Natural Overdubs
Recordings are played back, in the same space as the original recording and/or in various spaces with different sound qualities, using the recording device, phones, and portable speakers; essentially “overdubbing” the recording with the sound event happening in the current space. We will experiment with recorder – speaker relationships, alternating the foreground and background sounds; as well as utilizing a spaces sound qualities (reverberation, reflection, echo, noise, etc.). This process can be looked at as a sound intervention/concert and/or a recording session which utilizes public spaces.

Un/natural Field Recordings//Natural Overdubs: Workshop began in Kaunas, LT and has since taken place at
Kirtimų kultūros centras,Vilnius,LT Liepaja University, LV, and in Berlin, DE at Liebig12, Euphonia Festival, Centrum Neukolln, and Backsteinboot /Spandau.

WHAT TO BRING (if possible)

-LAPTOP/TABLET / audio software (i.e – Ableton, logic, audacity, quicktime, vlz, etc.)
– UBAHN PASS (berlin AB) monthy/weekly/day
– ACCESSORIES to transfer recordings from recorder/phone to laptop or tablet
– CABLES – mini to stereo jack or jack to jack (as you need) to go into mixer

If you don’t have any of the above, no problem, just let us know in advance.
If you have extra of any above to share, would be appreciated.