13/16.04::RADICAL DUALISM::Francesco Mancori::Marie Takahashi::Kurihara Takuya::Itinerant Interlude#101010

13 – 16.04.23

RADICAL DUALISM is an exhibition presenting recent works by media artist

Francesco Mancori (IT/DE).

13 April exhibition opening with Itinerant Interlude#101010 _7.30pm sharp

2 solo performances by Marie Takahashi, violin, composer and improviser & Kurihara Takuya, modular synthesizer, interpreting drawings in the “partitura” series.

This happening is part of the series itinerant interludes curated by Laurie Schwartz, as Itinerant Interlude#101010 and supported by INM e.V Berlin.

On show are generative printed on fine art paper, videos and a polargraph art robot in action. In the creation process algorithms are modified while running, by using interactive programming and patching environments, and thereby becoming a painting tool.

These abstract forms have become free of their logical content, in the quest for the purity of abstraction as a clear aesthetic practice.

This set of works invite us to reflect on the tendency towards polarisation, the reduction of the complexity of reality towards binary oppositions in an illusory order and superficial meaning. This trend is not new, but has definitely increased in recent years. Since machine learning algorithms, artificial intelligence and big data processing are replacing us in making important decisions, while excluding both ethics and responsibility. The rapid proliferation of technology obliges us to have a constant critical analysis, to have a significant socio-political goal, to question the underlying moral implications of technology, and to reorient the cultural potential of the computer’s transformations of the social order.

But there is another side of the algorithms that is present in this work: they are used to create beauty and meditation, and even as a call to action. The process of creation as a form of dynamic meditation. Gaze requires concentration and tends towards a complete absorption of the attention, allowing the mind to enter a meditative state.

Such state of mental emptiness, which is that of the monk and the samurai, gives us strength and determination, then allows us to act free from fear and conditioning, and brings us to change.

The resulting pattern describes how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent, as it happens in the natural world, and how they may give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another. All the differences, the dynamics, the development of the forms of one element are possible only through comparison and the presence of the other one.