Passing Through::Felipe Vareschi

07 + 08.05.22

11:00 to 20:00

Passing Through is an interactive audio installation that explores the themes of presence and participation within the context of the city’s soundscape.

By simply existing, we continuously modify and contribute to the soundscape that flourishes and develops around us. When we are in social settings, we ofter become aware of these contributions and adjust the way we behave, talk and move to sonically coexist with others. This attention often is not extended to the moments in our lives where we do not consider our contributions to the soundscape as “meaningful”. When we transit from one space to another, or when we sit in silence on a park bench. The mere act of listening itself already changes the soundscape around us and makes us participate in the lives of others through our sense of hearing. This installation aims to frame listening as a participatory process in which attendees can control the soundscape around them through the simple act of listening.

Felipe Vareschi is an experimental electronic musician and performer currently based in Berlin. Their music explores the relationship between people and objects, with a particular focus on the interactions between individuals, technology and nature.

Felipe Vareschi is developing a new musical language aimed at understanding and describing how people relate to their surroundings through technology. They implement an experimental approach to sound creation, where interactions between pieces of equipment, sound objects, and performers mimic social human-object interactions. These techniques cover a broad range of approaches, including Generative Algorithmic Composition, Gestural Performance, and Field Recording.

Felipe Vareschi’s music presents itself as a continuous aesthetic study on contemporary social structures. Felipe strongly believes in music’s unique power to provoke discourse around the underlying systems that guide our everyday life.