Residency::Zero Cohesion::A Series of Occurrences instigated by Jeff Surak

June 3 – July 3, 2022

Based in Washington DC, Jeff Surak has been a fixture within the experimental community for many years, curating the Sonic Circuits festival (RIP), programming for RhizomeDC, and running his own zeromoon label. His own work manifests non-linear narratives through lo-fi techniques and archaic technologies.

Zero Cohesion was inspired by reactions to outdoor pandemic performances taken place at RhizomeDC. On a local website neighbors complained about the concerts, with one person posting a video reaction during an outdoor performance of free improvised music stating “Ya’ll not serious.This shit really makes my blood fucking boil.There is zero cohesion. ZERO!”

5 Juni_ 7PM SHARP
Sofia Salvo Lorena Izquierdo Jeff Surak
unknown sound collective

7 Juni _7PM SHARP
Zsolt Sőrés / Erik Wong

12 Juni _1-9PM SHARP
Temporary Autonomous TeleVision with

Jeff Surak
Kris Limbach
Liz Kosack
Selu Herraiz aka Munda

18 Juni _4PM SHARP
Marcin Barski & Konrad Gęca present
”Architecture is better than its reputation!

19 Juni _7PM SHARP
slow slow loris
Girls on Tape

21 Juni _7PM SHARP
Paolo Gaiba Riva, EMERGE

24-25 Juni

26 Juni_ 7PM SHARP
Simon Whetham

June 28 _7PM SHARP
Wouter Jaspers
Dmytro Fedorenko & Jeff Surak

29 Juni _7PM SHARP

30 Juni – 7PM SHARP

Spectral Evidence Tape Release on Zeromoon with: Kris Limbach Rieko Okuda Seiji Morimoto Mizuki Ishikawa

2 Juli 8PM
Biliana Voutchova + Jeff Surak
guerilla actions @Studio Rainer Spehl, Brunnenstr. 125, 2.Backyard