Workshop::CONSPECTUS by Angus Balabernie

29th / 30th May

A series of circular events ….
A sharing of questions….

This workshop is hopefully a less hierarchical way to explore, play, invent and share our moving imaginations. At the centre are physical and compositional imaginations, movement, awareness, and active landscapes.

Each session will constantly move around itself, and around those involved, to discover its form.

Each session shares a space for all to work with themselves, and with others.

Each session begins with a question and then moves around to see what it can find out.

Conspectus is to be at the center of your landscape, your art, your event.
It is to make everyone around you, everyone involved, both performer and audience, maker and receiver.

It is to end a hierarchy of specific direction, and to make everywhere and everyone equally alive to being and seeing.

(“We live in meat time.” Robert Creeley)

How does consciousness invade our meat?

Is it tuned to the moment?

What does the instance do?

What form will it take?

Is it endlessly repeated?

When muscles make that urgency to commit to a shape or action, is all the instance of invention shaped into fact?

Can we move from fact to fiction to poetry?

What is “now” before it becomes a memory?

Can we make any shape a moment to move through?

Angus McLean Balbernie is a 65 year old artist who has created around 85 pieces and projects across the world. Taught for many years at places like EDDC and artEZ Arnhem, Scottish School of Contemporary Dance, Dartington College of Arts, Falmouth University and Northern School of Contemporary Dance.
Was visiting professor of choreography at KNUA Seoul, and LEM Buenos Aires.
Doesn’t teach anymore except occasional exploratory workshops, improvises, makes the odd commissioned piece, performs for other folk and plays the banjo left-handed and really quite badly. He might still improve.