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13 + 14.10.2023

This workshop series explore the relationship between art, politics, imagination, and sustainability.

Sound and music have always had the capacity to create connections – between ideas, places, and people as well as within us. The interacting global crises we face are fundamentally rooted in the challenge of connecting across diverse perspectives and ideas, often set in opposition. It is therefore more important than ever to explore the potential role that art can play in opening up imagination around possible just and sustainable futures and bringing these into being.

The most common understanding of sustainability is a focus on carbon dioxide emissions, fossil fuels, and climate change. While these are of crucial importance, this project aims to engage with other dimensions of sustainability including social justice, challenging and disrupting power structures, and creating spaces for transformation.
Artists at the intersection of sound, music, and sustainability are the target audience for the project.
Specifically artists that understand the need to engage with the topic of sustainability but are not sure how that might integrate into their artistic practice. is two days of workshops for artists on connecting sustainability to their sound and music practice. And two evenings of live electronic performances showcasing different approaches to bringing sustainability to life.

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13.10 Workshops 12.30 -17.30 _Entry by donation

Lowering barriers to music making with free, low-cost, and open source software – Eira.qbm

Field recording and sampling: recording and processing natural (and un-natural) sounds – Katharina Bévand

13.10 Performances 19.30 – 21.30_Entry by donation

drusnoise & Erbse


Felipe Vareschi


14.10 Workshops 12.30 -17.30_Entry by donation

Improvisation techniques and integrating DIY electro-acoustic instruments – JacqNoise

Spatial audio recording. production, and performance – Felipe Vareschi

14.10 Performances 19.30 – 21.30_Entry by donation


Katharina Bévand

NOTE: Final workshops and performances to be confirmed is generously supported with financial support from Ecosia and space provided by Liebig12

::about artistss&tutors:


In her compositions, JacqNoise is looking for the spot where rhythms cross each other’s paths. She is deconstructing sounds in order to understand the symphony and the themes that are reflected in it. During live performances JacqNoise synchronizes with her surroundings. She finds her main source of inspiration in cultural cross-pollination. In the past years, JacqNoise has collaborated with musicians from all over the world. This is leading her curiosity to experiment and adapt new methodologies. Jacky is curator at Berlin Modular Society, founder of Berlin Noise Festival, initiator of Hijack parties.

Katharina Bévand

Sound artist based in Berlin. She creates site-specific sound installations, sound sculptures, 3-D sound environments and performs on modular synthesizers. In 2017 she was honored by “bonn hoeren – sonotopia” of the Beethoven Foundation for Arts and Culture Bonn. In 2021 she was part of Goldrausch Project for women artists. Her collaborations oscillate between the fine arts scene and the experimental and electronic music field. In 2022 she directed the first sound art oriented artist residency Cráter in La Palma, Canary Islands funded by the GOETHE Institute. Since 2022 she teaches sound art and modular synthesis at Berlin School of Sound.


Erbse (no/ all pronouns) is active in the fields of visual arts, music, dance and philosophy, is queerfeminist, is learning, exploring and experimenting. A reason for all these descriptions point to a cornerstone in Erbses’s work: researching power relations and fixed labels, about demarcation through categories, anthropocene perspectives. At the same time Erbse is attempting to create interconnectivity and a blurring of boundaries as resistances. Erbse is based in Berlin and Bremen and currently prefers to work with dance and social sculptures.

Felipe Vareschi

Felipe Vareschi is an Experimental Electronic Musician, Performer and Mastering Engineer based in Berlin. Their work explores the way people interact with each other through objects, with a particular focus on the interactions between individuals, technology and nature. 

Felipe Vareschi is developing a new musical language where interactions between electronics, sound objects, performers, and installation sites mimic social interactions and human-object networks. Inspired by the physical and imaginary sounds of everyday life, Felipe aims to empower listeners to value and participate in the soundscape around them and embrace the noise of interconnected life.


Eira.qbm performs live improvised industrial hard trance, based in Berlin. They are part of the collective ‘éclat crew’, a music-making collective for female, trans, and non-binary electronic music producers.


Steve Williams aka drusnoise is a live, electronic music producer, sound artist and co-founder of Berlin Modular Society and is curator of drusnoise integrates analog modular synthesizers with digital FX and organic samples to create a style that flows from lush ambient tones to gritty techno. drusnoise also releases and performs experimental sound art works incorporating field recordings, sonified climate change data, and feedback loops. Known in the outside world as Dr. Steve Williams, his academic work includes conducting and publishing research on sustainable energy transition in Canada, Germany, and Sweden.

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