2017::Vorspiel::Patrick K.-H./ AudeRrose / Andreas Karaoulanis


Le paradis rouge et l’oiseau impossible” by AudeRrose

a semi-improvised audio-visual performance that links the movements of the performer to the sound via two handmade theremin instruments. The action of the performer creates electrical field variations depending on the distance and the contact to the two antennas. The circuits are handmade and designed for low-energy use. This single antenna theremin consist of two oscillators, one in constant vibration and the other driven by the capacitance between the antenna and the performer – or the antenna and the environment. The difference between the frequencies of the oscillations gives some audible signal, that, once filtered and plugged into the main patch, provides the unique sound.The stage is filled with a collection of sound objects, picked up with piezo microphones combined with dedicated preamps. A music box, a zither, two theremins, a midi keyboard and an ipad piano are played during the improvisation, and recomposed by layers of sound effects, activated via the sound software. No sound samples are pre-recorded, all the process is achieved in real time with direct sound feedbacks. The soundscape is poetic and fragmented of errors and uncontrolled sonic accide

Performance, concept and projection by AudeRrose
Theremin, preamp and photography by Brent Sqar


‘Elliptical sound collage’ by Patrick K.-H. / AudeRrose / Andreas Karaoulanis

Visual vivisectional practices upon chineese ink, sun prints, painting, transforming organic shapes into surreal live collages, reflecting the journey that sound does simultaneously. All three performers, brought up in different conceptual and technical backgrounds, have crossed paths by sharing admiration to graphical sound, from its tradition to modernity – which gives them a pivot for the arising structure submitted within the graphical sound vocabulary.


AudeRrose is multi-disciplinary artist working with performance, photography, sound and projection. She regularly presents her performances in international festivals. Her imagery plays with narrative structures, developing dreamy and intimate universes, exploring various forms of interplay between body, images in motion, deconstructive narrations and self-mythology. Her performances articulate live scenography protocols integrating video as an environment medium, often using real-time camera feedback, considering the black box as a possible oneiric space, where sounds and images communicate in a poetic and narrative journey.

Patrick K.-H. (aka Anton Iakhontov) sound artist / video artist / composer, for the time works with sound installations, live and written acousmatic, graphical collage and animation. Researches interactive / cross-disciplinary forms, permutating the media, aiming on achieving unexpected mutants. Member of Theremin Center for Electroacoustic Music at Moscow Conservatory, Moscow Cyber Orchestra and many other international collaborations. Author of music / video to drama / contemporary dance / post-dramatic theatre plays and performances as well as his own works in Russia, Austria and Germany. Art-director of Media Studio in Alexandrinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg. Founder and co-curator of the Floating Sound Gallery for spatial sound (St.Petersburg), organiser and curator of festivals and educational programs. Currently lives and works in Vienna / St.Petersburg. http://drawnsound.org/

Andreas Karaoulanis comes from a Computer Science and Animation background. His current work deals with interactive media design and animation. He has present his work in Museum Of London, Moscow, Paris and in various Galleries and spaces around Europe. One of his latest projects is bestbefore, an online interactive showcase blog with hundreds of daily visitors.He is member, along with Antonis Anissegos of the duo “best before unu”, focusing in improvised audio-visual relationship. www.bestbefore.gr

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