A project curated by Salon Bruit

Trion X –  A single state formed from three atoms of different colours.

Three venues within a minute walk of each other near the corner of Rigaerstr./Liebigstr. in Friedrichshain, Berlin.

A gallery space, a bar with a dark cellar and an old church. This will be a mini festival of sound art, performance and video installations from an international line up of both Berlin residents and visitors from abroad.

The Jubilee continues.

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Liebig12: Exhibit/Installations

Lauschangriff :  Video Installations/Czill-out space, Rigaerstr. 103

Jugend[widerstands]museums Galiläakirche: Performances/ConcertsRigaerstr. 9

Installations @ Liebig12


Vinyl Terror and Horror (DK)
Combining objects, light, movement and sound, the work has clear cinematic references and uses scenographic elements to support a narrative sound structure.At the same time an almost slap-stick way of using mechanical solutions and the laid back aesthetics puncture the theatrical appearance and keeps the focus on the materiality and concrete existence of the work.
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Matthieu Husser (FR)

19 monate sanierungen, 2000
Reproduction of the color chart of the buildings repainted over a period of 19 month (Rigaer Strasse/Liebig Strasse)
Acrylic paint on scaffolding tarpaulin. 65 x 100 cm (2 x)


Frank Bartz (DE)
a rock roll a tower,
it is about an collection of daily used thing,
I kept it away for a useful secondhand,
paperroll since 04 in a growing number hill
to tomorrow in opposition to towertechnics.
I kept it away for a useful secondhand,
soundmedium since 04 in the same number 6
to speed the drive a bit for the best match
into loudspeaker into a paperrock in
opposition to.
it is an installation stages transformed thoughts.
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Julian Bonequi (MX)
“mentaler Lärm”
Digital animation and illustration projected on a small monitor (wip).

Pani K.(PL)
” sit! “

action, sound, social installation.
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