liebig12_060614OLAF HOCHHERZ & SEIJI MORIMOTO Duo (electronics/feedback)

SEIJI MORIMOTO & NICOLAS WIESE Duo (electronics/feedback)

OLAF HOCHHERZ & NICOLAS WIESE Duo (electronics/feedback)


Nicolas Wiese, born 1976, is an audiovisual artist, graphic designer and composer/performer of electroacoustic music.
His main interests are the exploration of spatial and temporal perception, and the deconstruction/reconstruction of found and collected material from everyday life and mass media.

He investigates this material in terms of suggestive and contradictory communication value, in terms of historical and psychological ‘meaning’ and ambiguity, and in terms of beauty. Different levels of ‘reading’ and ‘understanding’ images, sounds, words, objects, architecture and atmospheres, are confronted and overlapped with complex abstraction in Wiese’s work.more under:


Seiji Morimoto, born in Tokyo 1971, studied musicology at the Kunitachi College of Music, graduating in 1996. During this period he began to play the electronic pieces by John Cage and his own sound performances. Since then he has been creating sound performances, installations and videos. more under:


Olaf Hochherz,born 1981 in Wuppertal/Germany. He studied at Folkwang Hochschule Essen electronic composition and at Bauhaus University Weimar media-art/media-design. Parallel to the education in composition he started to improvise with self build electronic instruments. He is interested in unstable systems. His goal is not to control a technical aperture but to create an associative field. The sounds have their own live. His playing tries to keep them alive. He is interested in the effect acoustic activity has, the relation between surrounding environment and instruments, between abstract sounds and associations, between electrical and other worlds. more under: