Residency::Marianne Tuckman::RATs Experimentation Lab

7th- 22nd December 2018


“I am a performance poet/ dance theatre artist currently studying a M.Phil in creative writing at Swansea University, UK. My research focusses on the relationship between poetry and live performance, exploring physical states that support the communication of the spoken word. 

My mission: to make words sweat.”

During the residency at Liebig 12 I will:

– work individually on my own studies for the development of my masters project.
There will be a constant dialogue between practice and theory and I will skip between the studio and the desk. As part of my project I will be writing a poetic text for an hour long solo performance. In December I will still be in the writing stage of the process but as a crucial question in my research will be:

What poetic structures can be translated in performance?

My academic work will remain dynamic and practical experiments will be necessary at each stage.

– Work collaboratively, inviting colleagues into the studio for discussions. practical feedback sessions and the development of small pieces. This will be an opportunity to see how the poetic structures I am using work in different performance contexts and will be used primarily as feedback for the development of my solo work however if interesting things come, my masters programme is open to me developing group pieces in addition to the solo work.

Artists I will work with during this week: Ula Liagaite (dance artist), Zooey Agroo (musician/ vocalist-, Pancha Vera (poet).

Open Workshops:

− Begin the day with a shared practise for performing artists, hosting RATs Experimentation Lab 3 days per week.

Time Frame:

Each Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10am- 12pm 

First 4 (7.12, 10.12, 12.12, 14.12) lead by guests.

Last 3 ( 17.12, 19.12, 21.12) lead by myself based on my research into : how words pass through the body, what practical tools can we find to prepare us to speak.

This was a project I co-founded in April 2018, born out of the necessity to build a platform for sharing each other’s practice, testing out ideas & research, developing teaching skills, acknowledge each other’s working experience and create opportunities for each other. At the moment we have no fixed studio and the community would be very happy to ‘occupy’ Liebig 12 for this residency period.

Performers from all disciplines are welcome to come to these sessions where we take it in turns to share our practise with each other. Drag yourselves, your friends & lovers out of bed and come groove!


− During middle of the residency I will host a night of feminist poetry in response to the rise of misogyny and fascism. Come together to think of creative and powerful ways of sending messages of support to feminists in Brasil! >> 15.12  “Fck the Fckers” –  evening readings of feminist poetry in response to rise of misogyny/ fascism. Send messages of support to feminists & queers in Brasil.

− End the residency with an open sharing of the work + discussion presenting also a performative program.”