PPP – 72 hours at Venice Biennal

06 / 09.05.2015

Pane Per Poveri (Bread for the poor) – a non profit art project and berlin based initiative, happening during the opening weekend of the Venice Biennale (6 – 9.05.2015)  to supply an artist-run alternative to the most established Global Art Event.

During 72 hours known and unknown Artists will present Performances, Installations, and Music / Sound art.
In cooperation with Marinoni Theater (a local non profit cultural initiative) at Lido, PPP has managed to find a perfect location that reflects the spirit of the Event. more under: www.paneperpoveri.org

To collect further resources and launch the project,
PPP is holding a fundraising party at Berghain Kantine on April 25th 2015 from 11pm til late

Guest musicians and Dj´s : Furfriend | Steev Lemercier | Gigiotto von Alt | Hanno Hinkelbein | RroxymoreLiebig12 has been invited to co-curate this happening and will be happy to celebrate and share more details about the project at the party in Berlin!