21 / 22 / 23 / 24.11.2013


The P600 is an event-related potential (ERP), or peak in electrical brain activity measured by electroencephalography (EEG).

It is a language-relevant ERP and is thought to be elicited by hearing or reading grammatical errors and other syntactic anomalies.

Therefore, it is a common topic of study in neurolinguistic experiments investigating sentences processing in the human brain.

P600 is William Bilwa Costa, sound objects, laptop, Luca Marini, drums, laptop, Nicolas Wiese, sound direction (Klangregie), Klaus Janek doublebass, electronics.

P600 experiments with a range of acoustic, electro-acoustic and acousmatic sound. In addition to the large soundsystem, controlled by Nicolas, each musician has a personal sound system. This allows for a micro-to-macro and audible-to-inaudible sound dynamic.

During their residency at Liebig12 P600 will work on reconfiguring the space sonically within their presence.

P600 invites Zaungäste who, because of their own research/interest, come by, observe, question, comment and/or feed back.