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Liebig12 presents:

Adam Pultz Melbye/Akemi Nagao – #2
#2 explores the mythology of physical objects and their existence in space. Akemi Nagao and Adam Pultz Melbye investigate the perceptual contents of encounters with seemingly familiar phenomena as they are reduced to sensory stimuli governed by the gravitational pull. Slowly peeling away experiential biases, the objects themselves step forth and resonate through space propelled by the power of each new encounter.
Akemi Nagao and Adam Pultz Melbye: Choreography, composition, movement.

Faber McDermott – fm1
Collaborative performance series by Danish singer, composer and storyteller Katrine Faber and American composer and sound artist Michael McDermott, integrating mythology, field recordings, animism, singing, sonic ecology and Deep Listening. McDermott produced an album (Landscapes 3: Iceland) of field recordings inspired by the dramatic landscapes of north and central Iceland which will be the basis for his soundscapes of “sonic photograph” field recordings, keyboard and processing over which Faber will weave her voice, electronics, and tape loops.

Tyler Matthew Oyer
Called an “interdisciplinary gospel immortalist” by Kembra Pfahler of the Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black, Tyler Matthew Oyer is an artist, writer, organizer, and educator based in Los Angeles. He has performed at MoMA PS1, REDCAT, The Getty Museum, dOCUMENTA (13), Hammer Museum, Kunstnernes Hus Oslo, Art Basel Miami Beach, Bergen Kunstall, Rogaland Kunstsenter, The Royal Vauxhall Tavern, High Desert Test Sites, Highways Performance Space, Human Resources LA, MIX NYC, and the Orange County Museum of Art. //


Adam Pultz Melbye is living in Berlin since 2013 and performs in Europe, Japan and the US with a specific interest in structuring sound and manipulating the bass in order to create new textures. Apart from his regular work with Akemi Nagao, he has performed with Yuko Kaseki and Maya Carroll and has taken workshops with Julyen Hamilton and Barre Phillips. Adam is member of the North European artist collective Barefoot Records on which he has released numerous records. In 2015 he graduated from the Post Graduate Soloist Program at the Conservatory of Music (RMC) in Copenhagen.

Akemi Nagao is a Berlin based Japanese dancer, performer and choreographer. She is interested in working with senses and intuition. Her practice is about extending awareness thought the senses. She has been influenced by Julyen Hamilton, Renate Graziadei, Ingo Reulecke, Maya M. Carroll, Eva Karczag Bettina Neuhaus, Kirstie Simson and Zen meditation. Since 2007, she has worked with choreographers such as Louise Wagner, Micha Purucker, Choy Ka Fai, Costa Company and collaborated with numerous dancers and sound artists in Germany, Brussels, Copenhagen and Japan. She has been invited to teach as a guest artist at the Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien in April 2014.

Danish singer, composer and storyteller Katrine Faber and American composer and sound artist Michael McDermott met while in residence at Listhus in northern Iceland. They found a connection together with their shared interest in amplifying and resonating with the found sounds of environments on their separate travels listening, sharing and connecting at residencies in such places as Brazil, Germany, Tuva, Greenland, Thailand and India.

More about Spektrum_Berlin:

SPEKTRUM is a space of convergence for cultural communities and transdisciplinary groups emerging and operating in and off Berlin. The project aims to bring confrontation, open knowledge and a platforms for idealisation, realisation and presentation of technology-based artworks, science-focused events and futuristic utopias based on the principle “do-it-together-with-others”(…)