2014::Vorspiel::DISRUPTING VOID#Series::PLUG & PRAY

26 / 27 / 28 /29.01.2014


Interactive A/V installation by JÖRG BRINKMANN

“Du sollst Dir kein Gottesbild machen…überlasse dies Google.”

Google still represent the most popular search engine, no matter NSA, commercial priorities or censorship criteria.

What happens if you embarks on a search for “GOD”?

plug & pray is an interactive installation that reveals a contemporary image of God based on Google´s search engine for images.

A computer is connected to internet and via a special software to Google Image search.

Visitors who wear two gloves connected via USB to the computer, activate the search process.

As the hands are held together in prayer, results are shown as a video projection, accompanied by a chorus.

more under: brink-mann.com