Residency::Claudia Schmitz::Ingo Reulecke::Bruno Besana::Nicola Hein::Simon Rose::STATION

15 / 18.10.2018


The Ensemble:
Claudia Schmitz video
Ingo Reulecke dance
Bruno Besana text
Nicola Hein guitar and sound art
Simon Rose baritone saxophone

Directed by Simon Rose and Nicola Hein.

There is a history of collaboration through performance involving different disciplines and media, the phenomenon is currently quite evident in Berlin’s expansive experimental music and dance scenes. At the same time broader understandings arising from such performance remains little articulated, there’s a need to move beyond this position.

But how do we create within and at the same time across disciplines? More often than not it is the agency offered by improvisation’s potential that allows for such co-creating: by remaining open to possibilities that become presented, paying attention to what is actually happening, in the given time, and responding in creative manner, together. Affinity in collaborative action can lead to a softening of disciplinary boundaries. The STATION ensemble work through a relational approach. Borrowing from Nicolas Bourriard’s description of Relational Aesthetics (2002) of fine art, the relational is used here as a working lens within the multi-disciplinary approach: Nicolas Bourriaud (2002): ‘… urbanisation of artistic experiment: [ … ] this system of intensive encounters has ended up producing linked artistic practices: an art form where the substrate is formed by inter-subjectivity, and which takes being-together as a central theme, the ‘encounter’ between beholder and picture, and the collective elaboration of meaning.’

One outcome is that through an integrated approach STATION’s interdisciplinary contemporary artistic practice moves beyond the redundant false binary of composition versus improvisation that clearly belongs to another era.

Simon Rose. September, 2018

The ensemble will be developing the work at Liebig12, Berlin on 15th, 16th, 17th October 2018 and performances will take place on 18th and 21st October 2018 at 20.00 at Exploratorium, Berlin and last 70 minutes without an interval.

Exploratorium, Mehringdamm 55, 10961 Berlin.