His new lecture, titled The Widow´s Joy: Pride, Genius, Grief & Lies from International 78rpm Recordings, seamlessly presents recordings from the mid-1910s to 1950 across a wide geographic area.

Musicians, famous and obscure, classical and folk alike are presented side-by-side as Nagoski describes one life after another of a creative person whose biography was marked by displacement, tragic circumstance, great opportunity, and forces of history beyond their control.


In the process, Nagoski shares rarely-heard and often deeply touching performances, some joyous and some heartbreaking, while asking questions about the value of life and meaning of music.

Following his tour of Europe last year to discuss and share the treasure trove of lost music he unearthed in producing the collection To What Strange Place: The Music Of The Ottoman-American Diaspora 1916-1929 (Tompkins Square),
Ian Nagoski crosses the Atlantic again to reveal more beauty he has found amongst crates of forgotten 78s and that led to the creation of 6 more collections of music from various continents and for such great labels as Dust-To-Digital, Important, Mississippi and others.

He is the featured guest in the current issue of SoundAmerican.org (featured in this month?s issue of the Wire), where he is described as, one of the most singularly important young voices in the preservation of music in America.

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