SONICAUDIOVISUALSERIES – episode IV – curated by francesco cavaliere & Liebig12

HUNDEBISS records (IT) presented a selection of their artists:



JAWS (USA, Hundebiss Records) is a performance oriented sound artist from Los Angeles, California.

It employs slithering electronics, confessional narrative, and impromptu stratagems in an effort to brim the optics, confuse the mind and engage the body.

Stress Test, Its fifth album, was conceived and recorded in San Francisco, California released by the euro cult-label Hundebiss Records.


is a project that works with the primal forms of the sound and light.

Sea Urchin, is a vehicle of investigation that furthers their aim to explore a mirage of forms, as a bridge to an unreachable cosmos, or, equally an unexplored seabed.

The performative aspects challenges the sound composition creating unespected and sourprising variations.


DRACULA LEWIS (RU, No Fun Productions / Hundebiss) Dark, lo-fi aggressive electronics with weird field recordings and dubby beats with a shitload of delay.

Dracula Lewis has released records on No Fun Production (split w/ Ducktails) and his own Hundebiss Records. more under: